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Here are some of the frequently asked questions that we at ESG get asked on a regular basis.  This list will always be expanding.  Feel free to contact us for more details on your specific questions.
My Fire Alarm System is going off, what should I push to get it to stop?
If you are having an alarm, you should always Silence the Alarm and NOT Reset it. If the device is still in alarm, it will just go back off again after you reset. Always clear the alarm first before you reset the panel.
I tripped my security system by accident, how do I make it stop the siren?
Simply disarm your panel like you always do and the alarm will quit. Push the disarm button on your remote if you have one.
What's a Ground Fault on my Fire Alarm Panel? Is it an emergency?
No it is not an emergency. Fire Alarm systems are designed to monitor their wiring for many things. A Ground Fault is the panel detecting somewhere in the system, typically in the wiring, a short to ground. This could be lots of things, but most often some part of the system wiring is wet and grounding to the conduit.
I had a trouble on my panel and it went away on its own, where did it go?
Most system troubles will clear from the screen when the trouble goes away. So if it was something that has cleared itself, it will not be on the screen anymore, but will be in the history on the panel.
What is the Telcom or Communications Error on my Fire alarm or Security system mean?
Telcom and Communications Errors and Troubles are typically related to your phone lines. Are you having phone issues? Is someone working on the phone lines or system? Don't panic, it will probably clear up when they are done or your phone service is restored.
Do I need to get a Fire Alarm System Inspection?
You are required by NFPA code to do an annual Fire Alarm System Inspection. If you have a system, you need an inspection.
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