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Residential - Home Security

ESG provides Total Home Security Coverage to safeguard your home and provide the peace of mind for you when you are home or away.

ESG - Fire and Security Solutions is proud to announce the availability of new Security system for your home.  The Resolution Products - Helix System is a new integrated system that will work with wireless devices to secure your home.  This panel comes straight out of the box with a standard High Speed Internet connection for monitoring.  No High Speed Internet available?  No problem, just add a GSM Cellular Monitoring card to the panel and we can monitor your panel from cellular signal.  The panel allows a Bluetooth connection to your smart phone to allow you to control your system straight from you phone.  No need to go to the keypad ever again.  Want to control the locks to the house, turn on and off the lights or coffee pot, no problem.  The system has a Z-Wave card that can be added to help with home automation control.

Home Security Systems

With the use of a traditional home security system, we can provide complete coverage of your home from break-ins, floods, and fires.  Home Security systems can include Door/Window Contacts, Motion Detectors, and Glass Break Sensors to detect break ins.  Your system can also include Sump Pump Alarms and Low Temperature Sensors for disaster protection.  You can have a drive way alarm to know when someone pulls in the drive.  Smoke Detectors and Heat Detectors connected to the system will provide protection from Fire when your home or away, our detectors call the Fire department and send them even when your gone.

Door Contacts                          Window Contacts
Motion Detectors                      GlassBreak Sensors
Sump Pump Alarms                 Freeze Sensors
Smoke Detectors                     Heat Detectors
DriveWay Alerts                       Carbon Monoxide Sensors

ESGView Cameras

Our ESGView Camera systems provide a Wifi connected camera that will allow you to view the your home through your high speed internet connection from your phone, tablet, or computer anywhere you are.  See when the kids get home from school or if someone is there when they should be.  Or just check on your aging parent to make sure they are ok and getting around.

Z-Wave Controls 

The newest technology in Home Security is the Z-wave device control.  This system will allow your home security system to control lights in your home, lock and unlock your doors, even turn off the water when your away.  With the wireless connection to new light switches, plug in modules, door locks and shut off valves, you can have remote control of your entire house.  Turn on the lights when you turn off the alarm system with your remote.  Lock your doors when you turn on the alarm system.  Unlock your door remotely when unexpected company shows up or the kids lock themselves out.  The possibilities are only limited to your imagination.

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ESG can service all your needs from Local Office to Hospitals to Secure Facility to Senior Care Facility.
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